Week 1: Personal Branding 101

As the name implies, this website is about getting noticed by future employers.  It’s about getting out there and making yourself look worth their time and money.  It’s an interesting site and, might I add, very helpful.  You can check out Personal Branding 101 HERE

Five things I found interesting from Personal Branding 101

1) QR codes are a creative way of getting noticed.  It is something not everyone does and the employer will be more likely to remember you because of it. (source)

2) Social media and blogging helps you to get noticed.  Even without having activity for several months or even years, the internet will remember who you are and will leave your blogs, resumes, and other accomplishments up for future employers to see. (source)

3) Your time is more useful if you better and refine your brand then showcasing it all the time.  Employers want to see employees that are professional and prepared to show their best effort.  In fact, this website suggests for one to work 85% of the time on refining his/her brand and 15% promoting it.  (source)

4) Personal branding is a process that takes time.  You will not be rich or employed overnight, but by blogging or making videos on Youtube you are putting yourself out there for the possibility of becoming employed and rich. (source)

5) Finally, I found a post showing how to ‘crush it’ like Gary Vaynerchuk.  One point that stuck out to me was the very first one: pursue your true passion.  I’m not sure what I’m passionate about, but I know that when I found out what, I will be able to build around that passion and turn it into something worth while and something I’d really enjoy doing. (source)

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