Week 2: Associated Press

Associated Press is a website that focuses on news that is important for us to know today.  It is unbiased and a nonprofit website for news that is influential to those who are able to subscribed to the website.  You can find the site HERE

Five things I found interesting from Associated Press

1) The site has plenty of services it offers.  It doesn’t just stick to writing, but it has sound bits, photographs, videos, a few other things as well.  You have to offer everything you can in communications so employers want to hire you more. (source)

2) Associated Press lists it’s values and lives up to those standards.  They have promised to never be below exceptional reporting.  This shows me to always bring my best to the table in whatever I do.  (source)

3) They list their achievements instead of hiding them or trying to be humble.  Most people try to act humble in their achievement, but how does that help you get a job?  Everyone should be show casing their successes to add to their credibility.  (source)

4) The site reports on news that is valuable to our time and interests us right now.  They do not report of things that happened a few years ago today.  You have to keep yourself updated to the times so that people or employers do not find you boring. (source)

5) Associated Press hasn’t just stayed with this site, but it also has a Twitter, a Facebook, a Youtube, and a Linked In account.  They branch out to find people and they make the attempt to stay in the public eye instead of fading away into oblivion. (Twitter) (Facebook) (Youtube) (Linked in)

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