Yvonne Drewry

Yvonne Drewry

3113 Wimberley Lane

Rockwall, TX 75032

February 3, 2015


To Whom It May Concern:

For the past four years, I have had the pleasure of knowing Megan Dotson as both a neighbor and as a child care provider on numerous occasions. During this time, I have been extremely impressed with her on a personal and professional level.

Megan has an incredible work ethic. She always conducts herself in a professional manner, she is punctual, and she is thoroughly attentive. She displays an unwavering level of maturity that has far exceeded my expectations.  Additionally, Megan is a natural leader and she possesses the talent to communicate effectively with any given audience.

Megan approaches every task with a creative mind. She is willing to take chances and try different methods to achieve the desired result. She is very determined and she is full of innovative and productive ideas. Megan utilizes a wide range of creative talents in order to accomplish successful results.

Aside from being a hard working visionary, Megan is an incredibly positive and compassionate individual. Her kindness and positive spirit is probably the first strength that others notice about her. She is skilled at creating personal connections, and others are undeniably drawn to her. She is a confident and optimistic person who is eager to learn and enthusiastically lend a helping hand.

Megan Dotson is a remarkable individual, both on a personal and professional level, and she would be an asset to any environment. I consider it an absolute privilege to know her.



Yvonne Drewry


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