Project 1: Flier

First-Last-InDesign-Flyer MeganDotson(1)

  1. Description: This flier was designed to promote a graduate leadership conference using the images and text provided.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):  Before starting on the actual design, I sketched several designs and layouts that looked professional for my audience.  I sketched six or seven layouts before I found one that I liked.  After that, I jumped right onto InDesign to help me bring the sketch to life.  Several hours were put into this design, including the critiques my classmates and friends gave me to help me improve.  My first layout was iffy, but after making some needed adjustments, I believe this captures people’s attention, looks very professional and uses several design techniques that I learned from the reading.  Some of the principles that I payed attention to were alignment, contrast and correct typography.
  3. Message:   I wanted to emphasize the importance of leadership when it came to graduates.  Leadership and being cutting edge in the business world is extremely important and this conference would help graduates get to that point.
  4. Audience: Graduating students and recent graduates, but any student who would like to gain the upper hand in business is welcome.
  5. Top Thing Learned:   That I can use InDesign and create these fliers.  With a little hard work, I can learn these completely foreign tools and become familiar with or even good with them
  6. Title Font Name & Category:  Pepetua Titling MT is a modern typeface
  7. Copy Font Name & Category: Avernir Next Condensed is a sans serif typeface
  8. Links to images used in this project:


3 thoughts on “Project 1: Flier

  1. kaydeepeterson24

    Hi Megan! I like how you emphasized the word “leadership” on the title of your flier. It really catches the audience’s eye and makes a good focal point. I also liked your use of repetition through creating those black long triangle designs. It creates a sense of unity throughout the entire project. The layout and placement of everything was also done very nicely. IT fills the page without making it look overwhelming. Great job!

    Link to another blog:


  2. erinmarie8873

    Megan, this flyer is awesome. I absolutely love the way you used white space to achieve a better flow for your design. You also used repetition with the stripe theme to help make the design pop. I appreciate the use of gray and black contrast as well. I’m just super impressed with your use of white space. I think it was very effective and well done. You go, girl!



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