Friends Reunion

The beloved television show Friends has touched the hearts of thousands of people.  With the end of the show in 2004, people have pined after old episodes and wished for their return.  Recently, it has come out that a reunion of the cast is in progress to celebrate TV director’s, James Burrows, 1000th episode behind a camera. (ref)(ref)

If NBC wishes for this “reunion” to be a success, I have a few suggestions:
1) Hint at it as much as possible.  NBC is already doing a pretty good job at hinting at the expected episode.  Keep it quiet and make it a rumor for people to gossip over.  Maybe let something leak (i.e. Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox having lunch together).  The word would spread like wildfire.
2) I think it would be in NBC’s best interest to air old episodes.  Start from the beginning of the series and let them run.  What this will do is peak interest in the show through a new or an old audience.  People who have heard of the rumors but haven’t seen the show will feel inclined to watch, and people who were fans before will be devoted fans again.  The more people NBC can get to watch the reruns, the better for the ratings of the reunion.
3) A teaser commercial or trailer might be a good idea as well.  Perhaps show some iconic places from the show with audio of old episodes playing behind it.  Just give the audience a taste of what to expect.
4) Start hyping through social media.  NBC would not have to ask the actors to tweet or blog, but find people with lots of followers on their social media and sponsor them to hype the show.  Youtubers are a very good resource for this sort of thing.  Sponsorships might be expensive, but it is very effective.

That is just a start of the things NBC could do.  Honestly, I’m equally excited for this reunion as almost everyone else.

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