Oscars Boycott

Jada Pinkett Smith has announced that because of the lack of diversity among leading roles for actors and actresses, she has decided to boycott the Oscars.  Unsurprisingly, Will Smith has come out and said that he will be supporting his wife. (ref)  Smith had actually gone on Good Morning America to help clarify the point his family is trying to make. (ref)

I have to congratulate the Smith family with how professionally they are handling this situation.  Pinkett Smith could have been very aggressive with her approach as so many other have been before her.  She had the power to seriously hurt this delicate situation; instead, however, she is treating it with such respect and dignity that I can not help but stand behind her.

Her message is clear: she wants Hollywood’s mind set to change.  She is not necessarily upset at the award show or how it is run.  It goes much deeper for Pinkett Smith, and it shows by how she responded to Cheryl Boone Isaacs’ reply to the boycott. (ref)  There is no hatred towards Boone Isaacs, just disappointment in society.

I understand that Pinkett Smith is not doing this for publicity; nonetheless, it is shining a spotlight on her and her family.  She is showing that she cares, that she has beliefs that coincide with many other people’s today.  The boycott is almost humanizing Pinkett Smith and making her seem more relatable.  This is definitely going to help not only her career but many more Americans like her. In my personal opinion, Pinkett Smith has the right ideas and, as long as this boycott stays professional and respectful, I think we will see a difference.

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