Apple and the FBI

The FBI has issued a court order against Apple on the grounds that the company has to develop software for the government to have backdoor access to people’s phones (ref).  Apple has gone public with this court order and people supporting Apple’s decision to refuse the order.  Making this information public was a good move on Apple’s part, and I will be focusing on why that is.

Apple is one of the biggest names in electronics today.  Many people trust its products and use iPhones, iPods, and iPads on a daily basis.  We, as American citizens, want privacy.  It is part of  basic human rights.  Apple understands that and wants its consumers to know that the company will do its best to protect these rights.

If Apple had created the software behind its consumers’ backs, then it would have done a lot more harm than good.  We all know these types of things leak and it would create an uproar.  People most likely wouldn’t trust Apple anymore and Apple would lose a lot of business. Apple has become very transparent in its dealings which is a desirable trait for customers to see in their prefered companies.  At the very least, Apple has some cushion if it agrees to the FBI’s terms.  Apple could make a statement on how there wasn’t much it could do in this situation.  People might understand and be okay with it.  This is a difficult situation that Apple has gotten into, and I’m interested in seeing how the company continues to handle everything.

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