Hillary Combating Hostile Hashtag

Wednesday night, a Black Lives Matter supporter payed to come to Hillary Clinton’s private event only to stir controversy with how Clinton really felt about the black community (ref).  Since then, the hashtag WhichHillary began trending on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  #WhichHillary was made to answer the question of “which Hillary Clinton is running for president?”  The one who supports black lives or is against them?

To combat this hashtag, Clinton has started her own.  #Imwithher is Clinton’s attempt to defuse the fuss on social media and, hopefully, launch her campaign towards her supporters (ref).  By starting this new hashtag, her support has grown. Although, #Imwithher has been a nice attempt, it has yet to gain as much popularity as its foe.

On her twitter, Clinton addressed gun violence against African American’s on February 23rd, before #WhichHillary began trending (ref).  This shows her genuine concern for our black brothers and sisters instead of making it look like a stunt to regain favor.

Throughout the years, people use opinion changes as amo against politicians they do not support.  Usually, the uproar dies down.  Think back to when Barak Obama was running for president.  There was a time when he had changed his views from ten years earlier and a loud voice in the American people stood out against him.  Obviously, it did not affect his campaign.  People’s opinions change, and all Clinton will have to do is wait for the hashtag to die out.

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