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Reflection as a Director

I was given the opportunity to be a director of a council of 12 fabulous people over the Involvement program, and it was amazing.

For some background, the Involvement program is a branch of the Student Support program on campus. Student Support is in charge of several different events on campus, the biggest one being BYU-Idaho’s student orientation. I started out as a volunteer with student orientation before being invited to participate on a council. Two semester after that, the position of director was extended to me. As a director, I would be volunteering for 3 hours every weekday from 2 to 5, and I thought using these hours for a practicum would be a fabulous idea.

In the beginning, I was very hesitant and nervous. I wanted to make my council proud, and I wanted to do the program justice.  Thankfully, I was able to hand pick all of my council members. They were my first favorite part of this practicum.


Each of these people in yellow had a great strength to bring to the table. As their director, I was able to watch them grow, and I was given the chance to show them how amazing they were. There were times when I had to correct my council for not doing what they were supposed to do, but I tried to do it with love and with the knowledge that we can get better.

My council weren’t the only people that I had to work with. All this semester, I interacted with hundreds of people within Student Support. As an introvert, this wore me out, but I actually enjoyed it at the same time. Imagine the best people you’ve ever met, now picture an entire room of them, and now imagine you get to interact with them every day.


Involvement council’s job was to find volunteers for the multiple positions Student Support had available. This required a lot of advertising, door knocking, and inverterview holding. Every Wednesday night we held interviews called Involvement Night. Anyone and everyone was able to come and interview for different positions within Student Support. At the beginning of the evening, there would be a brief introduction of what the night would consist of. After that, everyone would be dismissed to interviews. After interviews, we would have a small snack (oreos, hot chocolate, burritos, etc.) and then my council and our volunteers would clean up.


I learned how to work with people and that sometimes your gut instincts are your best option.  I practiced the basic principles of public relations with booths, service projects, and even blitzing. I saw first hand what worked with advertising and what didn’t. This was honestly some of the best public relations experiences I’ve received so far.


As I struggled in the beginning, I grew stronger with my knowledge of the programs and with my experience within the field. As hard as this semester was, it was also very rewarding. I’m so grateful that I had the chance to be in this position and learn so many incredible lessons.

Hours served: 210+

Hillary Combating Hostile Hashtag

Wednesday night, a Black Lives Matter supporter payed to come to Hillary Clinton’s private event only to stir controversy with how Clinton really felt about the black community (ref).  Since then, the hashtag WhichHillary began trending on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  #WhichHillary was made to answer the question of “which Hillary Clinton is running for president?”  The one who supports black lives or is against them?

To combat this hashtag, Clinton has started her own.  #Imwithher is Clinton’s attempt to defuse the fuss on social media and, hopefully, launch her campaign towards her supporters (ref).  By starting this new hashtag, her support has grown. Although, #Imwithher has been a nice attempt, it has yet to gain as much popularity as its foe.

On her twitter, Clinton addressed gun violence against African American’s on February 23rd, before #WhichHillary began trending (ref).  This shows her genuine concern for our black brothers and sisters instead of making it look like a stunt to regain favor.

Throughout the years, people use opinion changes as amo against politicians they do not support.  Usually, the uproar dies down.  Think back to when Barak Obama was running for president.  There was a time when he had changed his views from ten years earlier and a loud voice in the American people stood out against him.  Obviously, it did not affect his campaign.  People’s opinions change, and all Clinton will have to do is wait for the hashtag to die out.

Apple and the FBI

The FBI has issued a court order against Apple on the grounds that the company has to develop software for the government to have backdoor access to people’s phones (ref).  Apple has gone public with this court order and people supporting Apple’s decision to refuse the order.  Making this information public was a good move on Apple’s part, and I will be focusing on why that is.

Apple is one of the biggest names in electronics today.  Many people trust its products and use iPhones, iPods, and iPads on a daily basis.  We, as American citizens, want privacy.  It is part of  basic human rights.  Apple understands that and wants its consumers to know that the company will do its best to protect these rights.

If Apple had created the software behind its consumers’ backs, then it would have done a lot more harm than good.  We all know these types of things leak and it would create an uproar.  People most likely wouldn’t trust Apple anymore and Apple would lose a lot of business. Apple has become very transparent in its dealings which is a desirable trait for customers to see in their prefered companies.  At the very least, Apple has some cushion if it agrees to the FBI’s terms.  Apple could make a statement on how there wasn’t much it could do in this situation.  People might understand and be okay with it.  This is a difficult situation that Apple has gotten into, and I’m interested in seeing how the company continues to handle everything.

A Frozen Musical

Disney’s blockbuster movie Frozen will be making its way onto a Broadway stage sometime in the Spring of 2018 (ref).  There has been speculation over this musical ever since Frozen hit theaters almost three years ago.  Now that it has been confirmed, people are pretty excited (ref)(ref)(ref).

My concern is how Disney will keep up the hype.  There is a danger for releasing the musical so long after the movie.  Moana will be released in theaters this November (ref). This new, ethnic princess might leave Elsa and Anna out in the cold.  Disney will have to take some steps to help this musical be successful.

Luckily for Disney, Frozen will most likely go down in history as an animated classic.  Meaning, at the end of the day, society will always find room for a Frozen treat.  Disney just has to remind people every now and then of how magical the movie was and how fantastic the musical will be.  This can be accomplished through tweets and instagram posts from on set of the musical or by guest appearances of the actors on television shows like Ellen or Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  In 2017, a diamond addition of Frozen could be released with never before seen deleted scenes, commentary from the voice actors, and a trailer endorsing the musical.

What’s Up, Doc?

Joe Alaskey, who voiced Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and several other characters on the beloved television show “Looney Tunes”, has passed away this week.  Alaskey had been battling cancer (ref).  Sadly, his was the fifth celebrity death caused by cancer this year.  Alen Rickman, David Bowie, René Angélil, and Dan Haggarty were the other four (ref).  These deaths have not only stirred up tears but a call for action.  Many people are wondering what steps are being taken to improve cancer treatments.

If I ran the public relations department for the Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) organization, I would make a statement on these deaths. People want to feel as if they are helping a difficult situation turn around, and, sometimes, these same people need a little nudge in the right direction. The SU2C wouldn’t take advantage of people’s generosity but try to motivate them to take action.

If the SU2C made a statement or a video that expressed genuine condolences for the deaths, explained how terrible cancer is and how many lives it has destroyed, then men and women could feel prompted to act.  The statement or video could explain the different ways people could help.  Challenges could be created to help inform youth to different types of cancer. An entire social media movement could come to life in an attempt to inform the populace and find a cure.

Recently, SU2C hasn’t been putting its name out as much as it could, but the orginization has been steadily collecting celebrity supporters.  As it gains support from society’s famous, SU2C could potentially become a big name in the fight for cancer through shoutouts at award shows or excellent donations. If that is not a good public relations strategy, I do not know what is. If you would like to learn more about the orginization itself or if you would like to donate to its cause, visit  And that is what’s up, Doc.

DiCaprio and Maguire’s Unreleased Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire starred in a movie that was released online in December of last year much to the actors’ disapproval.  “Don’s Plum” was a short, black and white indie film which initially hit European theaters in 2001 (ref).  DiCaprio and Maguire had the film banned from the United States.  Dale Wheatley, one of the filmmakers and producers, posted the film in an open act of rebellion against the actors.  DiCaprio and Maguire found the film and promptly removed it on January 21st, 2016 (ref).

This movie incident is not an easy fix, but it is also not the end of the world.

DiCaprio has been nominated for an Oscar.  His name is already in the spotlight, so he does not need the boost in publicity, but this story is stirring up conversation about Maguire.  His name is back in the news which is the first time in a while.  I do not believe this film release was a stunt for him; although, it could have been.  Maguire will be fine as long as he explains his point of view.  The public likes him more than Wheatley anyway.

“Free Don’s Plum” is the blog which Wheatley runs to help explain his own side to the story (ref). The blog goes over the controversy in detail and, in the process, hurts Wheatley’s reputation by proving that he values “art” over the agreement he made with both actors

Wheatley wrote an open letter to DiCaprio that I would call mellowdramatic.  “I don’t know you anymore, Leo, but I hope that you’ve learned a little bit about film preservation and your responsibility to protect and contribute to the ongoing experiment of filmmaking…” Wheatley wrote on his blog (ref).

Neither DiCaprio nor Maguire really have anything to worry about.  Wheatley is punching holes in his own boat.  This is just another opportunity to get the actors’ names in public view and remind people that they are still there.

Oscars Boycott

Jada Pinkett Smith has announced that because of the lack of diversity among leading roles for actors and actresses, she has decided to boycott the Oscars.  Unsurprisingly, Will Smith has come out and said that he will be supporting his wife. (ref)  Smith had actually gone on Good Morning America to help clarify the point his family is trying to make. (ref)

I have to congratulate the Smith family with how professionally they are handling this situation.  Pinkett Smith could have been very aggressive with her approach as so many other have been before her.  She had the power to seriously hurt this delicate situation; instead, however, she is treating it with such respect and dignity that I can not help but stand behind her.

Her message is clear: she wants Hollywood’s mind set to change.  She is not necessarily upset at the award show or how it is run.  It goes much deeper for Pinkett Smith, and it shows by how she responded to Cheryl Boone Isaacs’ reply to the boycott. (ref)  There is no hatred towards Boone Isaacs, just disappointment in society.

I understand that Pinkett Smith is not doing this for publicity; nonetheless, it is shining a spotlight on her and her family.  She is showing that she cares, that she has beliefs that coincide with many other people’s today.  The boycott is almost humanizing Pinkett Smith and making her seem more relatable.  This is definitely going to help not only her career but many more Americans like her. In my personal opinion, Pinkett Smith has the right ideas and, as long as this boycott stays professional and respectful, I think we will see a difference.

Friends Reunion

The beloved television show Friends has touched the hearts of thousands of people.  With the end of the show in 2004, people have pined after old episodes and wished for their return.  Recently, it has come out that a reunion of the cast is in progress to celebrate TV director’s, James Burrows, 1000th episode behind a camera. (ref)(ref)

If NBC wishes for this “reunion” to be a success, I have a few suggestions:
1) Hint at it as much as possible.  NBC is already doing a pretty good job at hinting at the expected episode.  Keep it quiet and make it a rumor for people to gossip over.  Maybe let something leak (i.e. Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox having lunch together).  The word would spread like wildfire.
2) I think it would be in NBC’s best interest to air old episodes.  Start from the beginning of the series and let them run.  What this will do is peak interest in the show through a new or an old audience.  People who have heard of the rumors but haven’t seen the show will feel inclined to watch, and people who were fans before will be devoted fans again.  The more people NBC can get to watch the reruns, the better for the ratings of the reunion.
3) A teaser commercial or trailer might be a good idea as well.  Perhaps show some iconic places from the show with audio of old episodes playing behind it.  Just give the audience a taste of what to expect.
4) Start hyping through social media.  NBC would not have to ask the actors to tweet or blog, but find people with lots of followers on their social media and sponsor them to hype the show.  Youtubers are a very good resource for this sort of thing.  Sponsorships might be expensive, but it is very effective.

That is just a start of the things NBC could do.  Honestly, I’m equally excited for this reunion as almost everyone else.

Project 9: Portfolio

  • Portfolio (
  • Project Corrections / Time spent:
    Entirely new design for flier project,
    unchecked hyphenate box on brochure text boxes,
    hyphened “award-winning” in brochure,
    realigned two flower pictures on the inside of my brochure.
    It all took me about 3 hours.
  • Message:  I am a professional visual artist willing to work hard to create quality designs.
  • Audience: Future employers and my Visual Media professor— Brother Judkins.
  • Top Thing Learned: Indesign can actually be very useful when creating several pages of something.
  • Future application of Visual Media: I am going to use this knowledge as much as possible and, hopefully, grow in my design skills.
  • Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic— Maroon
  • Title Font Name & Category: NiteClub— sans serif/modern
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Avenir Next Regular— sans serif

Project 8: Brochure

inside, back, front

inside, back, front




  • Description: Brochure of my own design using a new logo.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
    After lots of sketches and planning, I came up with this cute design! It started in InDesign and then I used Illustrator and Photoshop when needed. I used the create outlines tool, text wrapping tool, eyedropper, and layers.  I did three drafts and plenty of critiques before I finished the brochure.  I learned how to properly print a two sided paper so that everything matched up and that was a challenge, but I did it.  It was an absolute pleasure making this assignment, and I am very happy that I could.
  • Message: Spring Greening sells quality flower arrangements.
  • Audience: Upper class, older men and women.
  • Top Thing Learned: Save your images in the same folder as your project. InDesign needs that.
  • Color scheme and color names: I did not have a color scheme because I thought it would take away from my design. The colors I used were Green, pink, and yellow.
  • Title Font Name & Category: Coneria Script – Script
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Myanmar MN – Modern
  • Word Count of copy: 191 (I wasn’t sure if the address words counted.  I counted the words, but not the numbers.)
  • Thumbnails of Images used:
    2ae23a6096bc9ed486af163d83bc74f8flower crownombre flowers via style me pretty pinterest from vintagerosegarden.tumblrtumblr_inline_nhqccorQfR1skmdqp

Don’t forget to include your video presentation!