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Week 11: Job Interview Question

1)  This site is creative and very helpful to everyone.  Everyone needs a job and everyone has to go through an interview, but not everyone knows how to ace the interview.  This website really fills a need.

2) It gives tips on how to look and act confident during the interview. (source)

3) The site informs on what an interview will consist of and what kind of questions that might come up. (source)

4) The site helps people that might be interviewing and gives tips to them. (source)

5) It gives pointers when quitting your job and finding a new one. (source)

If you’d like to look at this very useful site, you can find it here.

Week 10: Microsoft Office

1) Makes running a business so much easier with the tools they provide.

2) It assures its customers of its security.  This helps gain customer support and trust. (source)

3) The site continues to make better products like file sharing.  This is capitalism at its finest!  (source)

4) It encourages creativity through its products and advertising.

5) The site is upfront with its customers through the prices.  One of the worse things in life is when there are twisted contracts and sly words to manipulate and confuse people.  (source)

If you want to see the site, you can find it here.

Week 9: BYUI – College of Business and Communication

1)  The center is easy to get in contact with.  There is nothing worse than trying to get a hold of someone and you can’t or those people keep you on hold for ages and ages.  (source)

2) The site is ready to inform on any major involving communications and business that you would like to pursue.  When I was choosing my major, I was very confused and it was sites like this that really helped clear my mind. (source)

3) The site connects you to people who are already in their career through a summit.  This can help you with networking. (source)

4) The site teaches new students and perspective students what communications and business is all about. (source)

5) It supplies mentoring and networking to help jump start your future career. (source)

You can check out the site here!

Week 8: BYUI Grad Planner

1) This site makes it easy to find classes that you need to take to graduate.

2)  It helps you stay organized and not stray from the career you would like to pursue.

3)  It shows you how many more credits you need to take to graduate.

4)  The site helps you understand what is needed from you in order to graduate.  Whether that would be internships or other requirements.

5) The graduation planner helps realize what you really want to do with your life and if a major is right for you.

You need to be a student at BYU-Idaho to go to this site.

Week 7: American Advertising Federation

1)  The site teaches the importance of ethics in the field of advertising. (source)

2) It shows how credible the site is through who they work for and what they do. (source)

3) You can connect to the site through Facebook and twitter. (twitter) (Facebook)

4) The events that they host or are a part of are open to the public to see.  This helps with networking.  (source)

5) The site makes it easy to find and join a club so you can start your own networking. (source)

You can find the site here.

Week 6: Public Relations Student Society of America

1) Everything on the site is up to date.  It keeps it’s members informed about up in coming events for them to look out for.  (source)

2) It gives scholarships to members.  The site is rewarding its members and giving people incentive to join. (source)

3) The site is made to find good networking and future employment. (source)

4) It teaches to work hard for what you want while teaching the importance of an education. (source)

5) The entire site is easy to navigate and visually nice.

You can find here

Week 4 – Time and Date

1. No matter your idea, if it is new, people will love it.

2. Be sure that you are putting good ideas and helpful things out into the world.

3. Make your website fun and bright and interesting to look at, but don’t put so much on it you over whelm your visitors.

4. Make your website easy to navigate through so people will have a good experience when scrolling through it.

5.  Have fun with whatever it is you want to do!  If you don’t like what your future looks like, change it to something you’ll enjoy.

Week 5 – Other People’s Work

1) Photos are a form of media.

2) Being original is very important when it comes to photography

3) Getting your work out there for the world to see is a big part of gaining connections.

4) Social media is a great tool and we should use it as much as we can.

5) Everything you do should have heart and character to it.

Week 2: Associated Press

Associated Press is a website that focuses on news that is important for us to know today.  It is unbiased and a nonprofit website for news that is influential to those who are able to subscribed to the website.  You can find the site HERE

Five things I found interesting from Associated Press

1) The site has plenty of services it offers.  It doesn’t just stick to writing, but it has sound bits, photographs, videos, a few other things as well.  You have to offer everything you can in communications so employers want to hire you more. (source)

2) Associated Press lists it’s values and lives up to those standards.  They have promised to never be below exceptional reporting.  This shows me to always bring my best to the table in whatever I do.  (source)

3) They list their achievements instead of hiding them or trying to be humble.  Most people try to act humble in their achievement, but how does that help you get a job?  Everyone should be show casing their successes to add to their credibility.  (source)

4) The site reports on news that is valuable to our time and interests us right now.  They do not report of things that happened a few years ago today.  You have to keep yourself updated to the times so that people or employers do not find you boring. (source)

5) Associated Press hasn’t just stayed with this site, but it also has a Twitter, a Facebook, a Youtube, and a Linked In account.  They branch out to find people and they make the attempt to stay in the public eye instead of fading away into oblivion. (Twitter) (Facebook) (Youtube) (Linked in)

Week 1: Personal Branding 101

As the name implies, this website is about getting noticed by future employers.  It’s about getting out there and making yourself look worth their time and money.  It’s an interesting site and, might I add, very helpful.  You can check out Personal Branding 101 HERE

Five things I found interesting from Personal Branding 101

1) QR codes are a creative way of getting noticed.  It is something not everyone does and the employer will be more likely to remember you because of it. (source)

2) Social media and blogging helps you to get noticed.  Even without having activity for several months or even years, the internet will remember who you are and will leave your blogs, resumes, and other accomplishments up for future employers to see. (source)

3) Your time is more useful if you better and refine your brand then showcasing it all the time.  Employers want to see employees that are professional and prepared to show their best effort.  In fact, this website suggests for one to work 85% of the time on refining his/her brand and 15% promoting it.  (source)

4) Personal branding is a process that takes time.  You will not be rich or employed overnight, but by blogging or making videos on Youtube you are putting yourself out there for the possibility of becoming employed and rich. (source)

5) Finally, I found a post showing how to ‘crush it’ like Gary Vaynerchuk.  One point that stuck out to me was the very first one: pursue your true passion.  I’m not sure what I’m passionate about, but I know that when I found out what, I will be able to build around that passion and turn it into something worth while and something I’d really enjoy doing. (source)