Project 2: Event Ad


Description: I designed on Microsoft Word a full-bleed ad for an event fundraiser with scanned picture from magazine, book, ect.
Process:  I started off by spending at least two hours looking through the magazines in the library to find a high quality picture.  After I found my picture, I scanned it to my computer then started sketching outlines and layouts for my design.  From there, I decided on the sketch I liked most and started designing on Microsoft Word.  Some critiques were made by a TA and classmates and I was able to perfect the design.
Message: There will be a fundraiser that people may donate to help conserve endangered species in return for a breakfast of cinnamon rolls.
Audience: This ad was for bird watchers and a more environmentally concerned audience.
Color scheme and color names: I have a split complementary color scheme using a blue from the bird, a rich purple, and a gold.
Top Thing Learned: Every printer is different.  The instructions said I would have to print the ad maybe twice to get it right, but I think I actually printed it seven times before I ended up with something I liked.
Title Font Name & Category: Cambria (body) – modern
Copy Font Name & Category: Avenir Next Medium – sans serif
Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used:


Source: Wyoming Wildlife Magazine, September 2015 addition.

Original size: 8 x 11inches

Location scanned: Third floor of the BYU – Idaho Mckay Library

2 thoughts on “Project 2: Event Ad

  1. erinmarie8873

    Hey Megan! I always love looking at your work. The color scheme in this flier is super attractive. And I really love the fact that you used shapes to make the flier more interesting. The benefit idea you chose is super unique as well. Great job!



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