A Frozen Musical

Disney’s blockbuster movie Frozen will be making its way onto a Broadway stage sometime in the Spring of 2018 (ref).  There has been speculation over this musical ever since Frozen hit theaters almost three years ago.  Now that it has been confirmed, people are pretty excited (ref)(ref)(ref).

My concern is how Disney will keep up the hype.  There is a danger for releasing the musical so long after the movie.  Moana will be released in theaters this November (ref). This new, ethnic princess might leave Elsa and Anna out in the cold.  Disney will have to take some steps to help this musical be successful.

Luckily for Disney, Frozen will most likely go down in history as an animated classic.  Meaning, at the end of the day, society will always find room for a Frozen treat.  Disney just has to remind people every now and then of how magical the movie was and how fantastic the musical will be.  This can be accomplished through tweets and instagram posts from on set of the musical or by guest appearances of the actors on television shows like Ellen or Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  In 2017, a diamond addition of Frozen could be released with never before seen deleted scenes, commentary from the voice actors, and a trailer endorsing the musical.

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